Blaskó Nikolett

Communication and advertising specialist

Blaskó Nikolett  is one of the best known businesswomen in the communications industry from Hungary, and according to Forbes, she is one of the most influential women in the country. She is the president of the Association of Hungarian Communication Agencies, and member of the board at the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum and the National Association of Managers. She started her own business, named ACG in 2004, that today is one of the most successful advertising agencies.

Regarding social responsibility she is very active, and she considers that the values, based on which an organization functions, are the basics of success. Through her agency and personally too she supports many humanitarian organizations, and she is the committee member of UNICEF Hungary.

She is committed to promoting the emergence of women in business, and she is a devoted mentor. Also, she supports contemporary design and fashion, and helps young and talented creators and stylists with all kinds of instruments. She is married, has two daughters, and as a hobby, she likes to ride horses.

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