Christopher (Chris) Worman has been working with and for civil society since 1999 when he got started building online giving platforms and communities before social media tools made it easy. In 2005, Chris joined Peace Corps and landed in Romania where he worked to launch Romania’s first (and the first Hungarian-language) Community Foundation –; and a national program supporting the launch a dozen more.

In 2009, Chris opened TechSoup’s Romania program and launched much of TechSoup’s digital democracy work. Through a series of community-driven design challenges more than 1.2 million Romanians engaged in defining and building anti-corruption solutions. Based on initial successes, Chris helped grow the program with TechSoup into

Since 2011, Chris has held roles leading TechSoup’s program design and communications groups. Now that TechSoup is global, he is focused on leveraging TechSoup’s assets into deeper and more supportive relations with the 1 million+ NGOs served by the organization; and exploring the intersection of civil society and technology in the face of megatrends. Chris is co-chair of several World Economic Forum working groups and is a member of a World Bank working group on cross border financial access for civil society.