Dr. Darvas

My name is Darvas Piroska, and I was born in 1972, in a simple family that carried out the agricultural activity. I joined the Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls when I was 19 years old. I studied social work services in Hungary, and thanks to this I became better acquainted with the Roma community. I obtained a PhD in Theology in Vienna, which brought a new perspective for me about the world and significantly changed the way I think about religion. In our community, I participated at many international events.

I returned to Romania more than 20 years ago. In Targu Mures, I carried out community-building and spiritual activities with university students for 7 years. At the moment I lead the Szent Margit Retreat House in Sandominic. I follow through their lives all kinds of people that come from very different religious, cultural and social communities. Also, I participate actively in traditional events.

My work is characterized by internationality, respect for differences, crossing borders, attention to the signs of the times and openness to everything that serves life against surviving.