Jukka Sinnemäki, (b.1975) is a Class Teacher at the Jyväskylä Christian School in Finland. In 2002 he received his Masters of Education. He studied two spring semester’s 1999 and 2001 at the Teacher Training College in Kecskemét. Hungary. In 2005 he finished the Principal Preparation Programme in the University of Jyväskylä (Educational Administration and management).

Jukka gratuated 2014 from the Faculty of Humaties at the University of Jyväskylä receiving Master of Arts (MA).
Sinnemäki finished a degree of Specialist Qualification of Product Development (Research and Development- R&D). He graduated from this in the beginning of the year 2017.

Jukka was the top 50 finalist at the Global Teacher Prize in 2018, Dubai.
2019 he won the Global Teacher Award in New Delhi, India.
Late 2019 Sinnemäki was selected by RoundGlass as one of the 75 world´s most progressive thinkers and doers in the field of learning and from key discipline that centre on wellbeing.


Jukka has 20 years experience from the teaching field from grades 1-9. He is also the founder of the KnowNow-key and cycle-model teaching.
Sinnemäki describes himself as a “risk taker”, and his motto is “learning happens when you see the unseen in every child”
Jukka left the traditional school hierarchies behind and focused on children ́s community capacities, personalities, identities and general health / holistic wellbeing. He wanted to help children to live their own ideas, in the spirit of “life is worth living, no one can stop me and I can dream as big as I want to and yes, I am willing to work hard”. Many of the success stories of his former students and the atmosphere of his classes are proofs that his approach is truly working.
Quote from the former student: “My journey from a shy and small school boy to a confident and mentally strong teacher with my own class has been highly influenced by everything Jukka has done and said. Jukka has always known how to encourage and lift up different people. He does not act in front of the class. He is himself, and everyone around him sees it.”
Jukka has been able to involve children and parents in a projects that considers the child from a holistic perspective. They have looked at and explored the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which includes: activity, relaxation, recovery, sleep/regular bedtime, nutrition, developing strong family bonds and good relationships with others.

The biggest change what Sinnemäki has seen in his work is that children really enjoy coming to school.
While teaching Sinnemäki is developing solutions to increase general well-being to be integrated in school environments, both in Finland and internationally.