Bara Ágnes


Bara Ágnes left behind a truly vibrant life, when in December 2010 traveled to Thailand to find the clear source for practicing meditation that she started a few years back. She arrived in Bangkok without any plans, and a couple of days later her dream came true. She lived in the jungle, at a small Buddhist temple for nearly three years – where the first true inner journey of her life began. This was followed by the world of zen temples in South Korea, and Taiwan was the final destination from where she returned home from Asia.

“There I faced many of my fears – in a seemingly motionless, peaceful world. I experienced freedom – in a culture full of rules” – she says. She needed more courage to return to Southern culture, than to leave for the East. But since then she integrated her experience in her everyday life. She lives a simple, quiet life, and helps people to face their fears and difficulties according to her best knowledge.

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