Benkő Zsolt

Volunteer Mountain Rescuer

In Harghita County, there are few (perhaps only one at the moment) search and rescue dogs capable of operating in mountainous terrain, forests, hidden and open areas. One such four-legged companion is owned by volunteer mountain rescuer Benkő Zsolt from Lupeni/Farkaslaka, who is also a professional dog trainer. The scent and speed of search and rescue dogs, capable of handling avalanches as well, can often be life-saving in difficult terrain and situations. Zsolt’s achievements with his dogs at national and world championships have been regularly covered in the local press. His search and rescue dogs have participated in multiple rescue operations.

Zsolt has been a pioneer in dog training in Harghita County and nationally as well. He has been professionally training dogs for over 20 years. Without him, canine search operations in the country would likely not be at their current level.

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