Dina Tuns

Co-founder of Viewtopia

Dina Tuns is an economist with 17 years of experience in corporations, more than half of which she spent in the United Kingdom. Working in corporations no longer brought her satisfaction, so together with her husband, Florin, they decided to return to Romania after spending over 8 years in the UK. They needed a project that would allow them to return home and at the same time escape the increasingly stifling urban life.

Thus, they created Viewtopia – The Secret Land, a holiday village located in Valea Drăganului, which this year marks its third year of activity. They moved from a hectic schedule filled with goals and targets, the clichéd 9 to 5, to a life without a clock and a schedule from 7 to 21, but full of satisfaction. Their story is one of will and perseverance, with Dina and her husband confident that each small step forward brought them closer to their dream.

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