Dr. Fodor Réka

Missionary doctor

She was born in Budapest in 1971. After high school, she began her studies at the Faculty of General Medicine at Semmelweis University. In 1990, she suffered a severe car accident that defined her entire life and way of thinking. In 1991, interrupting her studies, she spent a year as a street musician in Paris. After returning, she resumed her studies. She began her medical career in 1996 as a paramedic, and since 2002, she has worked in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2002, she married Greguss Sándor, a writer. Since 2005, she has run her own family medicine practice. Her youthful adventurous spirit and overwhelming willingness to help continue to characterize her.

In 2015, she visited Africa for the first time as a member of a medical mission in Uganda. Together with her husband, she founded the Afréka International Humanitarian Foundation. So far, she has participated in 16 medical missions organized by the foundation (11 times in Nigeria, once each in Congo, Uganda, Chad, and twice in Ghana).

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