Góg Anikó

Personal trainer

Personal trainer Góg Anikó, the trainer of IWI International Fitness School. Regarding her studies in Hungarian and international institutes: Technogym Master Trainer, Polar Level III trainer, pre&postnatal instructor, functional trainer, ACE Health Coach. Former triathlon competitive athlete, mother of two little girls – and some people just call her “Krézi”.

Although she completed her studies in very different fields, and in her work she uses various sport methods, she doesn’t consider herself a polyhistor and doesn’t think she knows everything. But the most important conclusion that she could draw from all this experience is the value-generating power of sport. The impact of sport on the quality of our lives, its mechanism for personal development, and its role regarding our internal balance. Her goal is to help as many people as possible to find their own relationship with sport and with its advantages. 

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