Gundel Takács Gábor

Journalist, TV presenter, sports commentator

“On paper” Gundel Takács Gábor is a TV Journalist, but he also has a considerable working history in radio and in written journalism. “But we are closest to the truth, if I summarize all this and say: I am a storyteller” – is what he’s telling about himself. He thinks that every sports broadcasting, TV quiz, discussion is basically the telling of a story. For this, one needs a big dose of curiosity regarding the world and the people living in it. And it’s necessary for them to speak bravely about what they notice and consider important. 

“Yes, these days from time to time bravery is needed. Not only because some people might not like our opinion, but because many times we are afraid to face ourselves. But you can be brave, straightforward, curious – all of this doesn’t matter without credibility. »Truth and Dare« is our topic. This is enough for us to see that it’s no small task.”

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