Jánosi Matilda

Fashion Designer

Jánosi Matilda, Tilly Janosi on her stage name, was born in Transylvania, Cechești/Csekefalva, in a family of gardeners. She was ten years old, when she started dreaming about becoming a fashion designer. She moved to Hungary in 2006, where in 2009 she founded her own fashion brand, called TildArt Ökodivat. From there she moved to London in 2012, where she arrived without any English knowledge and with only 10 pounds. She drove rickshaws for two years on the streets of London, which was quite a challenge, but her perseverance was efficient: in 2014 she opened her own fashion workshop, the TildArt. Since then she developed this to an eco luxury brand, that she was able to present internationally too.

A couple of years ago she became fascinated by costume designing and producing, and she started to work in the magical theater neighborhood, at West End. Her primary motivation is to sneak sustainability into the cinematic and theatrical world. Meanwhile, last year the TildArt brand has grown up, and an era has ended, and at the same time a new brand was born: the Tilly Janosi London. It is a combination of fashion and costumes in the name of sustainability. The new brand was presented at the Kálnoky castle, at the Beyond the Forest fashion show.

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