Keszei Anna Luca


Keszei Anna Luca is from Budapest, and although she still isn’t 12 years old, she has an activity so diverse that even an adult could envy her. She’s in 5th grade at the Gárdonyi Géza Elementary School from Újbuda, and her activity includes swimming, playing the piano, religious education, and she’s also a member of the Szent Bernát Scout Team. She was a student for seven years at the Mu contemporary dance theater, and has participated at fine arts workshops since kindergarten. Recently she tried wall climbing, that was a real challenge for her – but she loves challenges. And since September she also goes to English courses.

In her free time she reads, goes on trips, and concerts. Her favorite hobby is cycling, that’s been her passion for two and a half years, since she joined the Budapest Bike Maffia as a volunteer. Every Tuesday and Thursday they make sandwiches that they transport with bikes to homeless people and those in need. ”It doesn’t matter if it rains or snows, if it’s hot or cold, we need to go, because people are waiting for us, and they’re counting on us” – Luca says.

When she grows up, she wants to be an actress – but many adventures are ahead of her until then.

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