Mahdi Said Kafiya


25-years old Mahdi Said Kafiya is originally from a small town in Somalia. She came to Hungary about 11 years ago at the age of 15 as a refugee, by herself, without any parent or guardian and has been living in Hungary since then. Coming to a new country without anyone, not knowing the language and also the culture was a big challenge. She started going to school, and working right away. During her last year of school she started working as a model. As a model she is known as Rea Milla. It was just a hobby at first that she did next to school and next to her student part time job. But after graduating she started modeling full time, and she has worked with almost every big Hungarian brand since then. During her time at the children’s homes a documentary movie was made about her called Easy Lessons. 

“Being alone from a very young age has taught me many things, and one of them is how to always strive for better things and a better future, and take every chance that life gives you. I am a person who is always striving for more in life and helping people along the way as I can. Because I believe that everyone should give back to our world”, she says.

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