Majzik Tamás

Hungarian language teacher

Majzik Tamás was born in Szeged, and since 2011 he has been teaching Hungarian language in Bacău/Bákó County. His determination to prepare consciously for Moldova arose during his high school years. After completing his teacher training, he joined the Hungarian Csángó Association in Moldova and has been living in Dumbrăveni, a small village of about 400 inhabitants, ever since. For years, he taught and lived in an old two-room house, but with the help of civil supporters, they managed to build a modern community center in the village. He believes that children in small villages also deserve access to modern pedagogy and methodology.

He continues to further educate himself constantly to prepare his students for the challenges of the 21st century. They regularly engage in robotics, coding, artificial intelligence, and any other topics that support the development of essential skills for the future. “As an educator, my most important goal is to turn my students into real ‘superheroes’: balanced and prepared adults capable of creating real value. Additionally, my most important task is to raise awareness in my community about the linguistic and cultural treasures of the Hungarian community in Moldova,” says Tamás.

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