Varga Csaba

Alpinist, architect

Varga Csaba was born in Bihor/Bihar county, Beiuș/Belényes, at the foot of the Bihor Mountains. He grew up in Oradea/Nagyvárad, and he graduated from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca. Since then he has worked as an architect in Oradea/Nagyvárad. He was 13-14 years old, when he started to get familiar with the mountains. During a summer vacation in high school he decided to climb the highest peak of the Făgăraș Mountains, and this activity instantly became his passion. First he climbed the highest peaks of Transylvania, followed by the High Tatras, the Pyrenees and the Alps.

He started to plan a high mountain expedition inspired by the ambition of Erőss Zsolt. He managed to climb his first above 8000 meter peak in 2013, the highest point of Karakoram, Gasherbrum II.

In eight years he climbed five above 8000m peaks – without supplemental oxygen and load bearers. Thanks to this, he is the most successful Hungarian high mountain climber that lives today. He thinks that during these expeditions the biggest challenge is the altitude of the mountain, and the overcoming of the difficulties and circumstances related to this (like oxygen deficient environment, extreme weather conditions, terrain that tests physical strength).

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