Székely Csaba


Székely Csaba is a writer, playwright, translator from Târgu Mureș/Marosvásárhely. Theatre critic Sándor L. István wrote about him: “Nowadays it’s unlikely that you’ll find a more successful and a more powerful Hungarian playwright than Székely Csaba. His theater premieres follow one another (abroad, too), and we receive news regularly about his artistic successes. But his works of art are valuable not only theatrically, but also from a literary perspective. We are talking about an author who uses a crafted, diverse, enjoyable language, who also has a deep human knowledge.”

His first play, “Do you like bananas, comrades?” received the award for best drama from BBC in 2009, and later the award of The Writers Guild of Great Britain. His best-known work, the Mine Trilogy speaks about the difficulties of Hungarian villages in Transylvania with a lot of humor and bitter irony. The parts of the trilogy were and are played on more than 15 stages.

He also works as a screenwriter, he was one of the writers for the third season of HBO-series “Terápia”.

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