Tóth Erzsébet Fanni

Psychologist, researcher

She was born in Pribeta, Slovakia, and studied at Selye János High School in Komárno – considered one of the best high schools of the country then and since. She was the first in the family to apply to university, and being a very ambitious person, she chose an excellent foreign institution. Thanks to a scholarship, she studied psychology and cultural anthropology at the Utrecht University’s international elite college in the Netherlands. Following that, she earned a master’s degree in sociology and social anthropology at CEU in Budapest, and then a doctoral degree in psychotherapy sciences in Vienna.

She is not a practicing psychologist/psychotherapist but a theoretical expert who uses the tools of psychology and psychotherapy to research and analyze social processes. Over the past 15 years, she has focused on the memory of social traumas, identity, forgetting, and silencing. She is interested in how shame and guilt are inherited and how we are shaped by the experiences and memories of our family members.

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